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Friday, June 25, 2004


Forget my Blockbuster discussion - people were good today at work, so I'm not gonna complain. I'm on to the more serious subject of tabloid/legitimate magazines like US. I now officially don't believe a word of what they say. My roommate just bought this week's copy and there are 2 stories that I know are completely untrue. First, it says that Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody were all over each other at the Rock the Vote party last week. NO! I was there - they stood by me pretty much the entire night. There was no "all over each other." The mingled and talked to a bunch of people, and then only once did he give her a cute little hug. That was it! And then there was another story saying Tom Cruise was rockin' out to Jada Pinkett Smith's band at that same party. Wrong again! Tom came only for Joss Stone's performance. He slipped in just before she went on, said hello to her backstage, snuck up to a private balcony to watch her set, then snuck out the back door. He wasn't even there for Jada's performance over 2 hours earlier! Alright, I feel good that I've gotten that off my chest. The crappy thing is, I'll continue to look at that stupid magazine 'cuz I like the pictures.

Crazy or Sentimental?

My mom sent me a birthday card with my maiden name on it. Is she loosing it or being cute?

Why is Gore still around?

I was reading an article this morning about Al Gore. Ofcourse he was dogging on Bush. Shocker. Why is he still around? Is he a sore looser? Does he still want to remind folks that he invented the internet? Is he under the impression that he still has political pull. The overweight and bearded Gore was much cooler than Robot Gore. At least he had that crazy unibomber thing going for him.

The West Wing makes me want to work at the White House.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

It's 11:20 at night

How did we go back in time you ask? It's a little thing I like to call time zones. It'll be fun to see where this little thing goes. Becky and I have been known to wreak some havoc online since back in the good ol' days of high school. I've never written on a blog before, but we all know I've got an opinion on everything. So get ready to listen to all my rants and maybe even a few raves. 'Til next time, I give you something to ponder...late fees at Blockbuster - myth or reality?

Its 12:54 in the morning.

Its 12:54 in the morning. I can't bring myself to go to sleep because I'm a sick and twisted little cookie. Dave's out of town in Arizona job interviewing and whenever he's gone I don't sleep well at all. Every little creak I think someone is breaking into the apartment to get me. Last time he was in Ohio interviewing I slept with the 8 iron by the bed. There's something really wrong with me. I had all day to accomplish so much and all I did was get some free software off the internet and create this blog. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.